Leather Interiors

Upgrade Your Interior With Custom Leather

Why settle for boring Cloth Seats?! Katzkin makes it easy to get the exact interior to match your own unique style. With the finest imported automotive leathers, in a full spectrum of colors. Extensive trim and finish options and nearly unlimited design choices. Choose from pre-designed package options, go with a Factory Match Design, Choose Your Own, or let our Leather Experts help you with a design to match your unique style for the vehicle you drive.

Leather Seating

Katzkin Designer & Factory Match Interiors
You don’t have to pay thousands of dollars for the factory upgrade package when all you want is leather seats. Our Katzkin factory match and designer leather seating options replace the cloth from your seats, completely changing the look and feel of your seat upholstery (door panels and center console included when available).

Factory Match Interiors
Our single-tone interiors match most factory leather seating options offered from the vehicle manufacturer. Made with Katzkin’s premium automotive leather, factory match leather seating can improve comfort and resale value!

Custom Designed Leather
These patterns are created by Katzkin leather designers and are specific to your vehicle. These enhance the interiors offered from the vehicle manufacturer, and they’re made with Katzkin’s premium automotive leather with 1000s of option combinations to choose from.u00a0

Installation Included

These aren’t your big box retailer seat covers. Our expert upholstery team will remove the cloth from your interior and replace it with leather of your choice. As a general rule: if it has cloth on it, we replace it!

Common Questions

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Yes, the installation process does not disturb your seat’s factory heating elements. If you don’t have heated seats it’s easy for us to add heating elements during the leather install. You get a discount when bundling leather seats with heated seats.

No, these are not slip-on seat covers. All cloth or old leather content is replaced (not covered) with Katzkin by a trained leather technician. That’s why their kits are only available from preferred Katzkin installers (like us!).

Yes, wrinkles are a natural part of any leather install but they don’t last long. A couple days in the sun’s heat will make any wrinkle disappear. We heat up the leather after the installation to help speed up this process, but it still takes some time.

Same Day Service! 9/10 our or Leather jobs are completed the same day as your scheduled appointment.u00a0

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