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Automotive window tint offers one of the best solutions when it comes to vehicle protection & enhancement. Offering interior vehicle protection, passenger protection, added privacy & security, and overall aesthetic appeal. Whether you’re concerned about excessive heat, increased privacy, UV protection, a faded interior, glare or security, we have a window tint to enhance the comfort and appearance of your vehicle.

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Your Window tint comes with a limited lifetime warranty to the original owner against fading, peeling, bubbling, and workmanship on our part.

Is Window Tint really Worth it?!

Yes! Window tint technology has come a long way over the years with its high heat rejection and UV protection properties. As well as the ability to choose any shade (light or dark) without compromising on UV protection and heat rejection. This, along with other benefits is what makes window tint one of the most popular automotive restyling services.

Drive comfortably with our films that block up up to 66% of total solar energy and provides up to 95% infrared rejection*, reducing the feel of the sun’s heat on your skin for optimal thermal comfort

The Texas sun is strong and omits powerful UVA & UVB Rays that are known to cause cancer. Our films block 99% of these harmful rays and earns the Skin Cancer Foundation’s Seal of Recommendation . You can rest assured all passengers are protected in your vehicle.

Available in multiple tint levels that block up to 95% of visible light to protect your privacy and valuables in the vehicle. Window Tint also completes the overall look of any vehicle with a higher contrast between the black windows and the vehicles paint and or wrap. 

uv protection & Heat Rejection

Ceramic Window Tint is an aesthetically pleasing material that drives performance and offers outstanding solar performance. This includes heat rejection, UV protection, and glare reduction. Each film features a non-reflective finish that will not fade, and blocks up to 99.9% of harmful UV rays to help protect the vehicle occupants as well as the vehicles interior.

Your vehicle’s interior gets extremely hot when parked outside in just a matter of moments, and while driving, you soak up the harmful UV Rays like a sponge! Without proper protection, the sun’s exposure can be harmful for your interior and most importantly, yourself!


skin cancer and window tint


The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends a quality window tint as part of a comprehensive sun protection program. This recommendation often comes as a surprise because most people think only of outdoor sun safety when they think of skin cancer prevention. While wearing sunscreen, covering up and staying in the shade are all keys to helping protect against the sun’s Ultraviolet Rays (UV) while outside, our line of window tint protects you and your family while indoors, especially on the road.

Common Questions

Yes, in the state of Texas, the compliant tint limit for the front two doors is 25% percent. While any windows behind the two fronts can be as dark as preferred. 

Ceramic window tint is the most durable window film on the market and offers incredible protection and style for your vehicle. Made up of non-conductive ceramic particles, ceramic window tint is one the highest quality film on the market. Ceramic tint provides superior infrared heat rejection, UV protection, privacy, and no signal interception while keeping the inside of your vehicle cooler and protected from harmful uv rays. Window Tint should only be installed once with the life of your vehicle when done properly. Our ceramic window films comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

Film percentages represent the percentage of visible light transmission allowed through the film. For instance, 50% would allow 50% of visible light through, and 5% would let only 5% light through. The lower the percentage, the darker the tint.

This has been a popular trend on social media such at TikTok and Instagram, but like everything on social media, you can’t always take it too literal. Tinting your windows will always have a darker appearance from the inside looking out when compared to factory non-tinted glass. Not near as dark from the outside looking in though, depending on how dark you’re wanting to go. For sample options, we do suggest visiting our Richmond or Tomball locations for the best options for you! Visit our LOCATIONS section to get directions and contact details for both locations.

Yes, but we strongly recommend that you don’t do it yourself. Our techs have the proper tools and expertise to remove the film without damaging the glass or defroster lines on your vehicle. 

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